About Us

From our family, to your family, for more families.

A few weeks after our daughter Maison was born, we asked ourselves, "How can we create a better and more inclusive world for her? How can we make this incredible journey to parenthood financially possible for all LGBTQ+ couples?"

We realized that businesses should serve the communities they cater to. To make parenthood financially accessible for LGBTQ+ members, we decided to build a business that serves our people.

Enter: Lube!

We chose lube because it's a product most gay men are familiar with and have strong preferences for. Initially, we hesitated, asking ourselves “do we really want to get into the lube and intimacy business?”, but we quickly saw the connection: families are conceived through intimacy. What better way to support LGBTQ+ couples in building their families than by specializing in beauty, hygiene, and intimacy products?

We confronted the “whys” behind our hesitation because we loved sharing the idea with our gay friends and family, but were unsure about our straight network. After confronting the “stigma”, we  realized we were letting ignorance and fear hold us back from building something great. Now, we're committed to making parenthood accessible and inclusive for all!

(BUM) Bottoms Up Movement is born

What would you do if you weren't afraid? In our case, we’d build a business all about the bum. The funny thing is, when we shared the idea with our straight network, nearly everyone loved the idea! Turns out, pretty much everyone loves a bum—some folks are just a bit shy talking about it. There weren't many (if any) businesses dedicated to exclusively serving the beauty, hygiene, or intimacy needs of our bums... until now!

Our Mission

We have three primary goals for our business:

  1. Make Parenthood Affordable: Commit a portion of all revenue to non-profits that make parenthood financially accessible for any member of the LGBTQ+ community.
  2. Mainstream the Bum: Promote versatile products that encourage beauty, hygiene, and intimacy routines for anyone with a bum and everyone who loves a bum.
  3. Provide High-Quality Products: Offer the highest quality products at competitive prices by keeping our offerings simple, reducing marketing and website costs, and rewarding loyalty through subscription and referral discounts.