Our Mission

Remove the financial barriers to parenthood for LGBTQ+ individuals and families!

Love is what makes a family, not income. (BUM) began with one simple premise: How do we make the world a better, more accepting, and inclusive place for our daughter? Our answer: more children with two Daddies & two Mommies.

The problem: Regardless of the pathway to parenthood—adoption, IVF, or surrogacy—they all cost a significant amount of money, putting the dream of parenthood out of reach for thousands. We envision a world where the decision to become a parent is personal, not financial, for LGBTQ+ individuals. We want LGBTQ+ teenagers to see parenthood as part of their future dreams, just like their straight friends.

A percentage of all revenue from (BUM) is committed to supporting this future.

 Two husbands at the happiest moment of their life, faces full of joy, holding their beautiful newborn baby girl


Our Plan

Our vision is to develop a 503(c) non-profit organization where LGBTQ+ aspiring parents can apply for grants to support their journey to parenthood. Starting a business and a non-profit (like starting a family) takes time and planning. While we’d love to launch our own grant initiative immediately, we need to establish a strong, predictable revenue footing first.

From our very first product sold, we are setting aside funds from every sale into a trust. These funds will be distributed to LGBTQ+ family-building organizations until we can create our own grant program!

Want to grow your family, but don't know where to start?

The journey to parenthood can be overwhelming for LGBTQ+ individuals. The process can be full of lawyers, doctors, contracts, and a never-ending to-do list of steps and decisions. Don't give up! There are many resources out there to help you on your journey. Here are a few organizations to help you get started:

Helpusadopt.org: A 501(c)(3)  national financial grant program that helps couples and individuals with the cost of adoption, awarding grants up to $20,000. Regardless of ethnicity, gender, marital status, race, religion, or sexual orientation, they support domestic, international, and foster care adoptions without charging applicants to apply. Since 2007, they have awarded 715 adoption grants totaling over $6.8 million.

Men Having Babies: Dedicated to providing gay men with educational and financial support to achieve parenthood through surrogacy.

Gays With Kids: An organization with a mission to inspire, inform, and guide gay, bi, and trans men throughout their journey of family building, supporting them to live their best authentic lives as fathers.

Academy of Adoption and Reproduction Attorneys: Also known as AAAA, they’re an organization of nearly 500 highly vetted attorneys dedicated to the competent and ethical practice of adoption and assisted reproduction law.

Baby Quest Foundation: A charitable 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping couples and individuals build families through advanced fertility treatments such as IVF, egg and sperm donation, embryo donation, and gestational surrogacy.